Attractions that should be on your bucket list

There are really many attractions all over the world that you need to visit. However, some are common attractions and attractions that you might have visited before. What are the top attractions that you might not have visited before? Attractions that you will not easily forget?

These are the top three attractions that should be on your bucket list. The attractions that are not common, but that are things that you need to see, at least once in your life.   

Grand Canyon in Arizona

The Grand Canyon park is located in Arizona. This park is over 100 years is known for its beautiful colors of rock formation. Every year the Grand Canyon is just getting bigger and bigger. It is 227 miles long and 18 miles wide 1875 meters depth, at the moment. 

The cause of the Grand Canyon is erosion the Canyon river carving through layers of volcanic rock between five to six million years ago.  If I could recommend to visit it because it has many geographic facts about how the Canyon is made and there is a beauty in this place that you will not find anywhere else.      

Parthenon in Greece

The Parthenon is located in Greece. The Parthenon is a temple of the formal goddess Athena the goddess of wisdom, and the daughter of Zeus. The temple is used to hold the treasure of the Delian League, later is the years it is used for the Athenian empire. 

In the 6th century it is used as a Christen church. In 1460 it is turned in to a mosque.  The Parthenon was destroyed on 26 September 1647. The construction began in 1975 and they hope they will end in 2020. The Parthenon holds a lot of history. And, the marbles are in a museum in London, but what is left of it. Really a beauty to see. A must for history lovers. 

Pantheon in Rome

The Pantheon is located in Rome. This temple is dedicated to all the paragon gods. The Pantheon is over an 1893-year-old. Raphael and Annibale Carracci, the composer Arcangelo Corell is buried in the Pantheon. In the 5th century. On 26 September 1687 had an explosion and cost many damages to the building. It was also used as a mosque in the early 1460s. 

If you are in Rome, you need to make time to visit the Pantheon. You will feel the historic atmosphere when you are visiting this place.

We always just remember the most common attractions in the world. And, forgets about some of the best locations to visit. The Parthenon, the Pantheon, and the Grand Canyon are just to name a couple of the attractions that you should have on your bucket list.

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